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Pregnancy photoshoots in Basel and Baselland.

While photographing a lot of newborns, I've come to realize that many moms believe they don't need pregnancy photo sessions. But let me tell you, the story begins long before your baby's birth—it starts with your bump! It is during this precious time that the extraordinary bond of motherhood is formed, one that will last a lifetime.


My purpose is to celebrate this incredible journey of yours, to empower you, and to help you find your inner queen. Because, let's be honest, every mother is a goddess—including you!  Wouldn't it be great to have evidence? I strive to provide you with just that by creating outstanding fine art portraits of this powerful life moment.


All the mothers I've photographed are not professional models; they are everyday moms, just like you and me. They simply entrusted me with capturing their journey, and together, we crafted the most enchanting and romantic portraits.


It's time to honor YOUR moment. When your baby arrives, he/she will be at the center of your world.




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Roberta F. 

"I knew that the photos would be good, but they are even better."

Have you gone above and beyond in your search for the perfect maternity dress for your session? Worried that without makeup, you might appear tired and dull? Unsure about how to pose?


No need to fret any longer—I have solutions for all these concerns.

How does it all work?


Get in touch 

Once you reach out to me, I will rovide you with a range of available dates to schedule your consultation at my studio. This meeting is entirely non-salesy and serves as an opportunity for us to get acquainted. Thus, you will have the chance to see the place yourself, ask any questions you may have, and discuss all the necessary details. If you choose to proceed with a booking, we will sign a contract, and your desired date will be reserved in my calendar.


See here if we are a good match


Plan your pregnancy session

After a little paperwork done, we'll dive right into planning your shoot. We will discuss color schemes, and you will be able to select gowns and accessories. I will provide you with some tips on coordinating your partner's outfits, ensuring that both of you look absolutely stunning in the pictures.


Have your make-up done and enjoy your laid-back photoshoot

The session will take place at my studio in Oberwil or a neighboring wood, both conveniently located close to Basel. If you have a specific outdoor location in mind, we could make it happen. Prior to your session, my colleague will be at the studio one hour early to assist you with hair and makeup. Once you're ready, we'll proceed with the shoot. Throughout the session, I'll provide guidance and assistance with posing, ensuring you radiate confidence and beauty in your portraits.



Get your images

Within 2-3 weeks, I will contact you to schedule your selection appointment. This can be either an in-person meeting at my studio or an online session via ZOOM, where I'll share my screen with you. Together, we will go through your gallery, and you can choose your favorite images. If needed, I'll gladly guide you in making your selection

Once the pictures are chosen, I will proceed to design and order your prints. When the products arrive, I will carefully inspect them before personally delivering them to your doorstep.


So, what is included in a full maternity session?


  •  Your date secured on my calendar
  • Pre-consultation to answer questions and discuss your vision
  • Careful planning and preparation, paying attention to every detail
  • Professional hair and makeup services provided by a skilled artist
  • 2-hour pregnancy photo session at my studio or outdoor near Basel
  • Multiple setups and unlimited gown selection for a stylish photoshoot
  • Convenient ordering appointment scheduled two weeks after the session, allowing you to review and choose your favorites
  • Digital images and products as per the purchased package



Not ready to commit? Need more information on my services and prices? Get my price guide and learn more about my photography services, collections, and pricing.

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If we are a good match?
I am the first to say that I may not be the right photographer for everyone.

I create pictures for proud parents who would love to celebrate the new life by creating outstanding, premium quality portraits of themselves and their beautiful babies. If this sounds like your cup of tea, don't hesitate to reach out!
But hey, I might not be your best match if:

1.Your primary consideration is price and quantity.
My focus is completely on the quality of the pictures and the overall experience. To ensure I can give my absolute best, I only take on a limited number of sessions each month. Prices for a full maternity session start at CHF 890.-
2.You are only seeking a couple of pictures for announcement cards.
I want to be transparent with you – achieving perfect results for this type of photoshoot requires time and dedication. If you aren't fully invested in the experience and only need a few pictures for announcement cards, you might be interested in my mini packages.

3. I am the closest photographer to your location, but you prefer the style of that photographer from America, feel that my outfits and dresses don't match your personality, or aren't thrilled about the idea of posing your baby in a bucket.

As much as I would love to accommodate your preferences, I am unable to create pictures in a style other than what is showcased on my website. However, if you are interested in other styles like natural, lifestyle, or documentary, I'm more than happy to recommend some talented colleagues who specialize in those styles. Feel free to get in touch and ask for recommendations. 
When it is the best time for a pregnancy photoshoot?
I recommend booking your maternity session between 28-32 weeks. During this period, your baby bump is beautifully round, and you are still comfortably away from your due date. It's an ideal time to capture stunning maternity portraits before feeling too heavy, tired, or overwhelmed with other preparations.
However, I do not recommend scheduling a pregnancy photoshoot after 37 weeks when your baby reaches full term. Booking a session at this stage can be risky, as the baby can arrive at any moment.
When should I schedule my maternity photosession?
I kindly recommend booking your session at least a month in advance to secure your spot and avoid any potential disappointment.
How much does it cost?
Please click here to get more info about my services and prices.
Can I have photos with my partner and elder kids during the maternity session?
Yes, absolutely. You can and should involve your partner and elder kids in your maternity session. It's likely the last set of photographs you'll have together before your family undergoes a significant change. So including your partner and kids in your maternity session is always encouraged.

However, please keep in mind that the main focus of the session will still be on the expecting mom. If you prefer to have the majority of the pictures with your family, it might be more suitable to hire a family photographer.
Do you provide gowns for the maternity session or should I bring my own dress?
I have a collection of beautiful gowns available for you to choose from in my studio. All the dresses featured on my website are part of my collection and can be rented for your photoshoot.

My maternity gowns are designed to fit all standard sizes and come in a variety of cuts and colors. Additionally, I have silk and chiffon fabrics that we can creatively incorporate into your session.

I have a specific pregnancy dress in mind that I can't find in your catalog.

If you let me know which dress you're referring to and if it aligns with my photography style, I may consider adding it to my client wardrobe. As a photographer, I have connections with numerous vendors, and there's a good chance I'll be able to identify the designer of that particular maternity gown.

However, it's important to note that I prioritize working with authentic products and supporting women entrepreneurs like myself. Therefore, I do not work with knockoffs from platforms like Amazon or Ali Express.
Can you come to my city/town to do a photoshoot?
I only offer studio or outdoor shoots in the Basel area. Unfortunately, I am unable to travel to another city/town.

Do you want to look divine in your pictures? Get in touch with me, and together we'll make your wish come true.