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I believe that wherever beauty and love prevail, the world is made a better place.


I’m a photographer who creates beautiful images for true romantics, a wife of the most unromantic but the most supportive husband, and a mother of three wild kids. 



How did I step onto the photography path?


My enthusiasm for maternity and newborn photography was first ignited during my own pregnancies and the subsequent arrivals of my precious darlings. Since then, the flame has continued to burn brightly.


Speaking from experience, your child will become one of your greatest love stories, and one you'll want to remember every last detail of. My purpose is to capture this truly monumental moment of your life and gift you the treasured details and memories of your pregnancy and newborn baby in stunning fine-art photographs. The results will allow you to fall in love with your baby again and again, for as long as you live. And, as we all know, there is no greater feeling than falling in love!




Some intriguing facts about me


  • As a romantic, I believe only in love. Only love is capable of encouraging people to do great and noble things.
  • I love reading classical literature of every genre. My true prince is Mr. Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice”. (Or maybe it actually Colin Firth, the most amiable Mr. Darcy ever?)
  • My favorite family member is our hamster (the guy with no problems at all, you know). Except… he is nocturnal and loves to spin his wheel at midnight. So...
  • My family is convinced I have a super hearing power. According to my teenage kids the super power is mostly activated at nights... Mostly when they just decided to play a small online computer combat...
  • I am absolutely an indoor person. My idea of heaven is  to soak in my bathtub watching a film on my mobile (guilty as charged). 
  • I am crazy about stylish bags. My most favorite and beloved brand is Michael Kors. And since I am a jeans girl, their backpacks are my inevitable choice.
  • Now that I am an adult, I miss my childhood naivety.  

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How I will make your dream photos happen


My number one goal is to make the entire experience calm and enjoyable for you. From your first enquiry until the moment you have your final artwork, I am here for you. I am going to guide you through the entire process, whether it be advising on a right package, selecting an outfit, helping with posing during the shoot or discussing your album design. Let me take all the trouble by organizing this wonderful event for you, so you can just enjoy this incredible time in your life. 

What if …. the baby doesn't sleep, what if … the dress doesn't zip up, what if … a father has forgotten to bring a simple T-shirt when coming directly from the office … ? I am familiar with all the possible "what ifs" which could occur and have proven solutions to hand. 

And yes! I am absolutely indifferent to the fact that your baby has just pooed on me. 

I promise you, your session will be a success in any case. 

I take the safety of your baby/ies very seriously. I have attended workshops and participated in safety training for photographers of newborns. I use equipment that has been specifically developed for newborn photography so that a baby can be posed properly and safely. And, let's face it - I am mom of three, so I am quite experienced in fastening a nappy neatly and can share ideas for swaddling. Oh, have I already mentioned that I am a baby whisperer (and a mommy whisperer too)?! 

The time you'll spend in my studio is going to be great. All you need to do is show up and be ready to spend it with your favorite people and me, just chatting, laughing, or having nap on my couch (you are more than welcome to do this while I will work as babysitter and photographer combined). Together we will create stunning pictures to celebrate this moment in your life.

Would you love more details? Send  me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.