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 Maternity and newborn mini sessions in Basel and Baselland.


Are you a radiant and expecting mother, filled with the anticipation of welcoming a precious little one into your life? You desire beautiful, high-quality pregnancy or baby portraits to commemorate this special period. However, various circumstances, such as budgetary constraints or other life limitations, may prevent you from choosing the full photography experience.

I understand your deep desire to capture every exquisite moment of your pregnancy, despite the challenges that may arise. That's why I am delighted to offer you a solution: mini sessions specifically designed to provide you with incredibly high-quality photographs at an affordable price.

When it comes to preserving these fleeting moments, it's the quality that truly matters. By carefully selecting the most captivating and flattering images, I ensure that each frame becomes a cherished representation, capturing the pure love and joy that surrounds this remarkable chapter of your life.

So, dear mother-to-be, set aside any worries you may have. Instead, embrace the opportunity to capture the essence of your journey and celebrate this unique time.



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Laia C. 

"Anastasia’s work with newborns is amazing! Great pictures! She has a special gift for dealing with children. We enjoyed every minute, she captured a moment that will last forever."

What is a mini session?

Mini sessions are photography sessions that have a limited duration and service. They provide an excellent solution if you're not ready to commit to a full photography experience, yet you do not want to compromise on the quality of portraits.

These sessions are ideal if you're looking to create announcement cards or adorn your walls with a few fancy portraits.

Key differences between mini and full photo sessions

  • Duration: Mini sessions are designed to be short and sweet, capturing precious moments within a limited timeframe.
  • Additional Services: Mini sessions focus solely on the photo session itself, without including any additional services.
  • Image Selection: There are no selection appointments or galleries provided for mini sessions. Instead, I'll personally curate the best images for you and share them through a download link.
  • Limited Choices: Mini sessions have a strictly limited choice of gowns, setups, and accessories, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic.
  • Newborn Emphasis: Newborn sessions primarily feature photos of the baby in specific setups, with a focus on wrapped poses.
  • Maternity Focus: Maternity sessions highlight the beauty of the expectant mother and include images of the future mom only.

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What's included in a baby mini session

(for information on maternity mini sessions, click here)

  • 2-2.5 hour newborn photo session capturing precious moments with your baby
  • 5 professionally edited digital photos showcasing your baby in three distinct set-ups.
  • Photo selection curated by the photographer, ensuring the best images.
  • Convenient delivery of the final photos within 1 week via Wetransfer online service.


Price: Starting from CHF 450, to be paid at the time of booking. For more detailed pricing information, please download my pricing guide.

Newborn set-ups

1.Wrapped on the flokatti 

Your baby will be comfortably nestled in a luxurious flokatti fur, available in a selection of four colors: mauve, beige, denim, and dark grey. The fur color sets the tone for the entire session, and other props will be selected accordingly to match the color scheme, ensuring a consistent look for your gallery. Additionally, you have the option to include a charming bear bonnet or choose a headband for girls. It's the perfect way to showcase the peaceful and snug presence of your little one.

2.Wrapped in a basket

The second set-up features the same wrapped pose as the first, with the option to customize the wrapping color if desired. Your baby will be photographed in a vintage basket on a wooden background, adding a rustic charm to the scene. To enhance the nostalgic atmosphere, optional accessories such as a felt bear or a knitted heart can be added to the set.

3. Cradled in a basket

In the third set-up, your baby will be lovingly cradled in a vintage basket, with their head gently resting on folded arms. This classic pose is a popular choice among parents. Delicate organic cotton clothes in an variety of colors cascade around the basket, creating a soft and romantic atmosphere. Against a backdrop of either a wooden background in white or brown, the composition becomes even more captivating, capturing the essence of your little one's peaceful presence.

3.On-back-in-bowl option

Alternatively, you have the option to choose a set-up featuring a rustic bowl. The bowl is available in a range of earthy tones or timeless white, perfectly complementing the overall aesthetic. Your baby will be lovingly wrapped and positioned on their back inside the bowl, creating a cozy and adorable look. To make it even more special, we incorporate various accessories to mark the date and time of your baby's birth.

How your baby gallery could look

To view images from standard sessions, click here


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What's included in a pregnancy mini session

(for information on newborn mini sessions, click here)

  • 40 min. of dedicated photo session to capture the radiant essence of this magical phase
  • 5 professionally edited digital photos featuring the expecting mother exclusively
  • A single backdrop of your preference
  • Choice of one dress and one fabric from my carefully selected wardrobe, specifically designed for maternity sessions
  • Photo selection curated by the photographer to ensure the best images
  • Convenient delivery of the final photos within 1 week through an online retransfer service

Price: Starting from CHF 450, to be paid at the time of booking. For more detailed pricing information, please download my pricing guide.

Images you may have in your maternity mini gallery 

To view images from standard sessions, click here


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Amy H. 

"Anastasia is patient, professional, and punctual. Her studio is easy to access, and communication is clear. She captured beautiful images of our baby girl and delivered the edited photos to us within a few days. Highly recommended!"

Let's make your booking process a breeze


Get in touch 

To start the process, simply visit my contact page and fill out the form. Once I receive your inquiry, I'll promptly reach out to you to discuss possible dates and confirm my availability.

For newborn sessions, it is crucial that the baby is no older than 14 days at the time of the session.


See here if we are a good match


Plan your photo session

Once we've agreed on a date, I'll send you a contract along with a link to a questionnaire form to gather your preferences on set-ups and colors. This information will help me prepare for your session effectively, ensuring that everything is tailored to your liking.


Secure your reservation 

To make the booking process seamless, I'll provide you with a QR code for a hassle-free and secure transaction.

To confirm your mini session reservation, I kindly request that you submit the full payment of CHF 450.- at the time of booking. This ensures your spot is reserved, allowing us to focus on creating beautiful portraits for you.



Enjoy your laid-back session

All sessions take place in my cozy studio located in Oberwil. For newborn sessions, we typically schedule in the morning when babies are naturally calmer and sleepier. Maternity sessions can be conveniently booked at a time that works best for you.



Get your portraits

Within just one week, you will receive your professionally edited pictures through an online delivery service.



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If we are a good match?
I am the first to say that I may not be the right photographer for everyone.

I create pictures for proud parents who would love to celebrate the new life by creating outstanding, premium quality portraits of themselves and their beautiful babies. Does that sound like you? Then don't hesitate to contact me.

However, I would not be your first choice if:

Your primary consideration is price and quantity.

My focus is completely on the quality of the pictures and the overall experience. I only take a limited number of sessions per month to ensure that you receive the best from me. My prices for a mini session start from CHF 490.-

I am the closest photographer to your location, but you prefer the style of that photographer from America, feel that my outfits and dresses don't match your personality, or are not fond of the idea of photographing a baby in a bucket.

As much as I would love to accommodate your preferences, I am unable to create pictures in a style other than what is showcased on my website. However, if you are interested in other styles like natural, lifestyle, or documentary, I am more than happy to recommend my colleagues. Please feel free to reach out and ask.
When should I book a baby photo session?
It is essential to book a newborn photoshoot in advance, preferably during your pregnancy. Ideally, as soon as you think of it. These photos can only be taken within the first 14 days of your baby's life.

Please keep in mind that I may not be able to accommodate last-minute inquiries after the baby is already born. To secure your session, I encourage you to make a decision without delay.
When it is the best time for a maternity photoshoot?
I recommend booking your maternity session between 28-32 weeks. During this period, your baby bump is beautifully round, and you are still comfortably away from your due date. It's an ideal time to capture stunning maternity portraits before feeling too heavy, tired, or overwhelmed with other preparations.

However, I do not recommend scheduling a pregnancy photoshoot after 37 weeks when your baby reaches full term. Booking a session at this stage can be risky, as the baby can arrive at any moment.
How long does a mini baby photo session take?
Well, it all depends on the baby. On average, a mini session lasts about 2-2.5 hours. I take my time to work slowly and carefully with your precious little one, ensuring their comfort and coziness throughout the session. We will take breaks as needed for feeding and nursing.
How much does it cost?
Please click here to get more info about my services and prices.
Can I also get some family and sibling photos?
Typically, mini packages focus on capturing images of the baby or the expectant mother alone. However, for newborn photo shoots, there is an option to include several images with the parents. Please refer to my service guide for more detailed information.
Do you have any gowns for a maternity session or should I bring my own maternity dress?
I have a selection of gowns in my studio that you can choose from. The dresses showcased on my website are part of my collection and available for rent during your photoshoot. These maternity gowns are designed to fit standard sizes and come in different cuts and colors, including full-length options. I also offer silk and chiffon fabrics that can be used creatively during your session.
What if my baby doesn't sleep during the session?
In my experience, this is a rare occurrence. I will provide you with helpful tips on how to prepare for the session, and I have learned soothing techniques that work wonders. By following my recommendations, there is a 99% guarantee that everything will go well and smoothly.

However, there is a small percentage of babies who are more sensitive and fussy, regardless of the techniques used. In such cases, we can either reschedule the session or explore alternative solutions that suit your needs.
Am I able to select the pictures myself from the mini sessions?

The mini sessions are specifically designed to provide an affordable option for those who may not be able to invest in a full photography experience. While I strive to deliver high-quality service during these sessions, I am unable to offer the same level of customization as with a full session. To keep costs down, I do not provide client galleries for mini sessions, and I personally select and deliver the best pictures from each set-up we capture during the session.
For examples of the galleries you can expect, please scroll up for some sample images.
When I shouldn't book a newborn session.
I do not recommend booking a photo session if your baby is born prematurely or has experienced any birth-related injuries. Additionally, if you feel overwhelmed, uninterested in going out for a photoshoot, or lack commitment, it is better to cancel the session. Your well-being and comfort are important, and if you are stressed, the baby will feel it too.
Please note that the retainer fee paid to secure your date is non-refundable. However, I am happy to discuss alternative options with you to ensure you don't lose your investment. Please feel free to contact me, and we can discuss different options together.
Can you come to my city/town to do a photoshoot?
I only offer in-studio shoots in the Basel area. Unfortunately, I am unable to travel to other cities or towns for sessions.