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 Baby photographer in Basel and Baselland.

 These pictures will encapsulate the beginning of the story. 

If you are looking for a baby photo session, it likely means you are at that thrilling stage when a significant new person is about to enter your life. What an exciting news! 

It will be the most beautiful love story you'll ever experience, one that will endure a lifetime

I am certain you already feel the burning flame inside you. Just envision those adorable features, those delicate folds, that sweet, delightful scent. Babies carry a hint of the universe's enigma, don't they?  And you're here because you don't desire ordinary snapshots, but something genuinely exceptional.


Wouldn't it be lovely to commemorate this very beginning of the story and capture it in a beautifully styled, romantic fashion? Let's make a plan, shall we?

I promise you that the outcome will enchant you and make you fall in love with your child all over again. Here is nothing mightier in this world than the power of a mother's love. 



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Catia P. 

"This summer we had the pleasure of having Ana shooting our baby. She is very professional and extremely good at soothing babies (as a first time mom, she was soothing my baby better than me!). We were delighted with the pictures. Our family also loved the pictures. If we are ever blessed with another baby, we will most definitely work with Ana again. We couldn’t recommend her more."

How does it happen


Get in touch 

It is crucial to consider scheduling a baby photo session in advance while you are still pregnant. These types of portraits can only be captured within the first 14 days after birth. And believe me, once the baby arrives, you will have little time to plan a photo shoot. 

After you contact me, I will get in touch with you to provide available dates for scheduling your consultation at my studio. It is the 100% non-salesy meeting and is simply meant for us to get acquainted. Thus, you will have an opportunity to see the studio, ask questions, and discuss all the details. If you decide to proceed with a booking, we will sign a contract, and your due date will be reserved in my calendar.


See here if we are a good match


Plan your newborn session

After a little paperwork done we will plan your shoot. We will discuss backgrounds, color schemes, sets, and accessories. I have a wide range of baskets, bonnets, layers, and wrappings to style your session in a manner you'll love.

I will provide you with a few suggestions on outfits for your family pictures. Once your baby arrives, we'll schedule the newborn shoot and I'll share helpful tips to prepare.


Enjoy your laid-back session

A session will take place in my cosy studio located in Oberwil. Newborn sessions are typically scheduled in the morning as babies tend to be calmer and sleepier during that time.

We will begin with family and sibling pictures. Once those are completed, I will proceed with capturing portraits of the baby alone, allowing parents to take a well-deserved rest and enjoy the assistance of a babysitter for a while.

Rest assured, my studio is fully equipped for baby sessions, complete with a changing table, diapers, and toiletries. You need not worry about bringing anything along.




Get your portraits

Within 2-3 weeks, I will contact you to schedule your selection appointment. This can either be an in-person meeting at my studio or an online meeting via ZOOM, where I can share my screen with you. During this appointment, we will review your gallery, and you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite pictures. If you require any assistance, I will be happy to provide guidance and advice.

After you have made your picture selections, I will proceed to design and order your prints. Once the products have arrived, I will carefully inspect them before delivering them to your location.


So, what is included in a full newborn session?



  • Your due date reserved on my calendar (exact session date to be scheduled after baby's birth).
  • Pre-consultation to answer your questions and discuss session details.
  • Comprehensive planning and preparation for your photo session.
  • Photo session conducted at my studio in Oberwil.
  • Multiple setups and accessories available for selection.
  • Ordering appointment scheduled two weeks after the session for selection of images.




Not ready to commit? Need more information on my services and prices? Get my price guide and learn more about my photography services, collections, and pricing

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If we are a good match?
I am first to say that I am not the right photographer for everyone. 

I create pictures for proud parents who would love to celebrate a new life by creating outstanding premium quality portraits of them and their beautiful babies. Sounds like you? Do not hesitate to contact me then. 

I would not be your first choice though if:

1. Your primary consideration is price and quantity.

My focus is totally on quality of pictures and experience. I take a limited number of sessions pro month to ensure you will get the best from me. 
My prices start from CHF 890. - for a full newborn session. 

2. If  you just look for a couple of pictures for announcement cards.

I am not gonna lie - a newborn photoshoot takes your time and commitment to achieve perfect results. If you do not feel excited about this whole experience and just need one or two nice pictures for announcement cards you may be interested in my mini packages.

3. I am the closest photographer to your place but you like the pictures in a style that guy from America does, you do not feel like my outfits and dresses match your personality and are not fond of idea of photographing a baby in a bucket. 

As much as  I love to accommodate you I am unable to create pictures in another style rather than that pictured on my webpage. 
But if you are into any other style (like natural without accessories , or life style, or documentary) I am happy to recommend my colleagues. Please feel free to reach me out and ask. 

When should I book a baby photo session?
It is very important that you book a newborn photoshoot quite in advance, during your pregnancy. Best of all, as soon as you think of it. These pictures can be taken only in the  first 14 days of a baby's life.
Most probably, I will be not able to accommodate you if your inquiry comes after a baby is already born. So don't put off a decision until the last moment.

When it is the best time for a newborn photoshoot?
The time period when these beautiful portraits can be taken is really very short, just first two weeks after the birth.  
How long does a baby photo session take?
Well, it all depends on the baby.  The average time is 4-4,5 hours.
I work very slowly with your babies to ensure they are always cozy and comfortable. We will take breaks to feed and nurse a baby if necessary. 
I kindly ask you not to schedule anything else on the day of the shoot, so that you will not be in a hurry and have enough time to capture lots of adorable images. 
How much does it cost?
Please click here to get more info about my services and prices.
Can I also get some family and sibling photos?
I created my packages to meet all needs. Most of my packages (except mini sessions) also include family pictures. Just check out my service guide for more details. 
Must I bring anything to the photo session?
I have a wide range of props and accessories. My studio is also fully equipped for newborn shoots, so you should bring almost nothing except some little things like a blanket or a dummy ( I will send you my recommendations once you book a session).
What if my baby will not sleep?
In my experience, this rarely happens. I will give you some tips on how to prepare for a session and there are also soothing technics I have learnt that make wonders.  If you follow my recommendations it is 99% guarantee that everything will go well and smoothly. 
Still, there is 1% of babies who are just very sensitive and fussy no matter what. In that case, we will reschedule the session or will find another solution which suits you.  
Can you come to my place to do a newborn shoot?
Unfortunately, no. It is impossible to take all my equipment and accessories to your place that's why I offer only in-studio sessions. 
When I mustn't book a newborn session?
I do not recommend booking a photo session if your baby is born prematurely or has been injured during childbirth.
Also, if you are overwhelmed, do not feel like going anywhere to do a photoshoot, or just do not feel committed it is better to cancel the session. After all, if you feel stressed, the baby will feel it too.  
Please note that a retainer fee paid to secure your date is non-refundable. However, I am happy to offer you other solutions, so that you won't lose your money. Just contact me and we discuss options. 
Can you come to my city/town to do a photoshoot?
I do in-studio shoots only in Basel area. 
Unfortunately I am not able to travel to another city/town. 

Let's capture how your everlasting love story begins